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Scharmien Zandi

s.myselle, aka Stephanie Meisl is a concept/media artist. Her work has been presented in Paris, Copenhagen and at the Salzburg Festival, among others. She is the winner of the Salzburg VJ Lab Award and a member of the Schmiede art festival, which was awarded the Austrian Art Prize in 2016. For 2021 she has received the annual scholarship for media art of the city of Salzburg. With the artist figure s.myselle, Stephanie Meisl interprets humans as humanoid intelligences whose data set (information archive) consists of personal experiences and adventures. Her preference for past art movements, artists and thinkers inspires the resulting new works. By looking into the past, she tries to reshape the future and finds herself in a new digital avantgarde.

is a freelance artist in the field of music, performing arts and multimedia. Her works and participation include music, music-theater, theater, film, text, audio and video installations and have been presented in China (Beijing, Tianjin), Europe (Austria, Germany, Portugal) and the USA (NYC). In 2020 she was awarded the Austrian Music Theater Prize for "Amour Fou" and in 2021 presented "Dione - all elements", the form of opera performance that is an innovation within contemporary stage works. Currently she works as a composer, musician and actress at the Landestheater Niederösterreich in St. Pölten and as an artist director at Theater an der Wien. She is invited by the Austrian Cultural Forum to present AMOUR FOU for the first time in the USA in 2022 (tour September 2022).


Sarah Scherer

Sarah Scherer is a multifaceted artist who works as a director, actress, and video artist in the fields of opera, theatre, and film. 
As a director for opera and theatre, Sarah has worked with several renowned institutions such as the Bayerische Staatsoper in Munich, Theater an der Wien, various international festivals and independent theaters. 
Her work as a video artist (in collaboration with s.myselle) has been featured at prestigious events such as the Salzburger Festspiele, Händel Festspiele Halle,

Freies Theater Bozen, and Podium Esslingen.
Throughout her artistic career, Sarah has gained experience both in front of and behind the camera and stage. She has worked on numerous short and feature films, theatre productions, and directed and wrote short films, music videos which have received awards at international festivals. She also works as a professional speaker. 
Currently, she is also working as a curator for the Johann Strauss Festival 2025, on behalf of the city of Vienna.
Constantly evolving between lights and shadows.


Martin Gasser


Rüdiger Wassibauer


Lulu Schmidt

Trained as a computer scientist and musician/artist, Martin Gasser works on multi-disciplinary projects and focuses on Sound&Music.

Computing and on applications of Artificial Intelligence&Machine Learning technology to music, other media, and the arts

in general. His thinking is strongly human–centric. Machines should assist humans, not replace them.

Martin Gasser is well-versed in several programming languages, frameworks and major desktop operating systems. Furthermore, he is experienced in development for mobile and embedded devices. He is not only in academic as well as industry experience, but is also an avid musician.



Rüdiger has been conquering ever since or at least upholding his privilege. He was gifted with an outrageous opinion about nothing. Rüdiger was an artificial influencer long before ants were discovered. Deep inside he always just knew that Rüdiger was right. Today he cruises out his remaining century, laid back on his laurels, high on dad jokes. In his spare time he lets people know about future. Rüdiger is one of the internet's earliest and obviously most relevant and dedicated bio waste influencers. He trains AIs for fun and writes invoices for a living.

Carola Schmidt is an academic artist who is a master student of Rebecca Horn. Carola's artistic journey has been focused on the topic of transformation and identity, and the transitions from emotional object to emotional state.

Her work is exploring the boundaries of self, identity, and technology in art, always investigating the boundaries between the roles of the artist and the viewer.

With her alter ego Lulu Schmidt, she has taken this exploration to new heights, seamlessly moving between fashion, dance, film, fine art, and music.

On stage, Lulu Schmidt explores the rites of energy canalization.

Channeling the longing for the almost religious moment of surrendering to one's own divinity by connecting to something bigger than ourself to overcome the increasing self-alienation in society.

There's a playfulness and irony at work, and a nod to the religious ecstasy that can be achieved through artistic creation.


IG @bipopularity_media


IG @luluschmidtberlin


Verein zur Erkundung multimedialer Ausdrucksformen 

are Kristina Gorke & Bernd Gutmannsbauer (aka Die Gorkbauers). The association strives to provide a platform for artists of all proveniences by organizing exhibitions, performances, artist talks, concerts, workshops, philosophical reading circles, (musical) theater pieces for children and for adults, film festivals, and cognate activities. The basic idea of the accomplices’ endeavors is to either acquaint an audience with hitherto unfamiliar impressions within accustomed spaces or, vice versa, to lure a well-versed audience into uncharted territories. In both cases, the aim is to distract and relieve from all to disdainful mental grind. accomplices collaborated with numerous artists and institutions like steirischer herbst, Designmonat Graz, [kunstwerk] krastal, Gesellschaft für Kulturpolitik, InTaKT Festival, kunst off-space narrenkastl, Schmiede Hallein, and others.

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