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Schiele's Ghost Reloaded 2023

"May you live in interesting times," was the slogan of the 2019 Biennale in Venice. The last „normal“ before the world changed, before the pandemic swept over us and seemed to take everything apart.

An ancient curse has seemingly caught up with our present. Or is it just a part of human history that is repeating itself? Pandemics and diseases always intervened in societies, changed, killed and reshuffled everything. Is it different this time?


The last pandemic in Europe that was similar to, yet different from, Corona today was the Spanish flu then.

One of its most famous victims was the Austrian artist Egon Schiele - the virus did not stop at him either. He died in 1918, at that time there was no vaccination and one may assume that there were no state subsidies to facilitate the survival of the survivors.

Egon Schiele died, at the peak of his career, and a century later our society, ours in which we live today, is experiencing a similar scenario. Albeit, much more attenuated, nevertheless comparable. Is history repeating itself today in a modern way? Have we as a society learned and evolved or are we doomed to repeat ourselves?


We live in interesting times, don't we?


In 2020, s.myselle was invited for artist in residence at Schmiede Hallein, Austria.

Her plan was to research what artificial intelligence was about, from an art perspective.

The outcome was a chapter of the book Horses: CoEvolution Storytelling Zukunft, there she wrote about her experience with artificial intelligence, how society changed in her point of view, and art - and she talked with a lot of people about this technological shift.

„Ich bin alles zugleich – aber niemals werd' ich alles zu gleicher Zeit tun.“

Egon Schiele, 1910



In the NFT universe so called "Whitelists" were used as a marketing and engagement strategy to sell NFTs quickly to a huge community that later on speculated on it on the secondary market. The problem: If one is not technologically advanced or fast enough it is almost impossible to get a real chance to join such lists. Therefore, the Pinklist was installed. It should take the fomo (fear of missing out) away and let people participate with enough time. I also try to get to know the owners of those Schiele's Ghost NFTs. 

In the first round, over 250 people had been personally invited to join
the Schiele's Ghost project. 

I invite you, dear reader, to choose your "Schiele's Ghost" and become part of this Art Project yourself. 

Click here to get to the Pinklist.


All NFTs are listed on Rarible on the Tezos Blockchain, waiting to be transferred to their owners wallets. Once an owner got his/her Tezos-Wallet we will transfer the NFT as proof of provenience over. 

Every holder of a Schiele's Ghost NFT and the real digital printed one, that is handsigned by s.myselle, owns 1/10.000 of the full picture. The full picture itself will be split in 4 sections of 2.500 pieces. So if the owner's NFT is located in one of those 4 sections - the holder owns 1/2.500 of this part. If anyone collects all 2.500 NFTs of one section - he/she can take the picture home. 


Our bet is, it will never happen that all 10.000 Schiele's Ghost pictures will ever be geographically at one place all together. 

This spring we will initiate a Schiele's Ghost event where the story will be told. At the event every visitor get's an NFT+digital print.  

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