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Welcome! You have been invited to select a "Schiele's Ghost".

 Please follow these instructions:

  1. Scroll down to the pictures and the form.

  2. Please take your time to browse through all the available images and choose the one that resonates with you, the one that you would like to see hanging on your wall, the one that has a special impact on you. 

  3. Once you have chosen your favorite, make note of its name and send it to me via the provided mailing tool.

  4. I will add your name and your chosen "Schiele's Ghost" to my records. You are now the owner of a "Schiele's Ghost" NFT and hold a 1/10,000 share of the entire project.

  5. If you already have a Wallet that is able to receive Tezos NFTs - send me a message and I will transfer your NFT to your wallet. If you want to install a Tezos Wallet yourself: on the Tezos website you will find some information about it. 

  6. Momentarily I could need a clone that's why this process takes it time. So, thank you for your patience and for being a part of this dynamic tech-art project.

one love s.myselle

Get your 
Schiele's Ghost NFT

Please click on the image and get the Number of the picture eg. #PSG1001 (But don't use this one, it is already taken :)

Thanks you will hear from us!

What happens after you chose your Schiele's Ghost? 
After you have chosen your "Schiele's Ghost", you will be listed as an owner of a "Schiele's Ghost" NFT, which means you own a 1/10,000 share of the entire project. According to the information provided, you will be contacted in the spring for further action. 

All Schiele's Ghost NFTs are currently and will be listed on Rarible and reside on the Tezos Blockchain, ready to be transferred to their rightful owners' wallets. Once an owner has obtained their Tezos Wallet, we will transfer the NFT as proof of ownership.

If you own already a Tezos Wallet, get in touch with me, I will immediately transfer the NFT to your wallet. 

If not, do not be concerned. This technology is still in its early stages and requires further advancements for accessibility. Rest assured, we are fully cognizant of this. In the meantime, your NFT will remain in my custody. Once the technology has progressed and is secure enough for general use, you will be able to retrieve it.

This NFT project is unique in that it views time as an ally, rather than an adversary.


Each holder of a Schiele's Ghost NFT, as well as those who possess the physical, signed digital print, own a fraction of the complete image. The full image will be divided into four sections, each containing 2,500 pieces. Therefore, if an owner's NFT is located within one of these four sections, they own a share of that specific section. If someone were to collect all 2,500 NFTs of one section, they would be able to take the entire section as a physical piece.

Our bet for eternity is, that it is highly unlikely that all 10,000 Schiele's Ghost pictures will ever be gathered in one location.


Anytime soon, we will be holding a Schiele's Ghost event where the story behind the image will be shared. At the event, every visitor will receive an NFT and a digital print.

All Schiele's Ghost holders will be notified at a very early stage.

Important notice! (Yes, this is the smallprint ;) 
This project is an art endeavor utilizing cutting-edge technology that is still in its infancy. Regulations may arise that alter the project's direction. The EU Commission tends to be slow to adopt new technology, so it's possible the project will ultimately serve as a learning opportunity about Egon Schiele. We do not intend to provide financial advice or engage in speculation. Our goal is to provide an opportunity for those interested to gain a deeper understanding of this new technology, and perhaps even display a "Schiele's Ghost" piece on their wall as a reminder of these early post-pandemic times. It's possible that there will be an opportunity to purchase or display the physical artwork, or there may be additional steps or requirements in order to fully participate in the project.

Last but not least, 



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