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Schiele's Ghost 

Chose your own Schiele's Ghost

Over 200 people were invited to chose their own Schiele's Ghost art. They were ask to chose the one that "speaks" to them, reminds them of anything else. Somehow Marie Kondo for art. "Does this bring me joy?"
They then resent the art-number to the artist and got their place on the pinklist. 


The Pinklist

The NFT world uses Whitelists for pre-sale spots. Those lists are extremely quick full and it is almost impossible to get listed. So, early (and mostly cheap) NFT drops are not for everyone - especially not for those who are not in this early NFT-phase. Handpicking them gives everybody on the list the chance to have their guaranteed spot and further their probably first NFT. 



On this day the first Pinklisters got their notification via mail. This will be the start of a newsletter that is irregularly sent to everyone, who wants to stay informed. 


D#AVANTGARDE an art community on Discord

On Discord the community will receive the latest art-news from all over the world, NFT-news, invitations to workshops and hopefully much more. (tba - keep yourself involved via D#AVANTGARDE on Discord.) The main focus of this community is art.


Can a dead artist become a patron?

500 NFTs will be a present. Once they are gone the rest of the 10.000 Schiele's Ghost NFTs will be on sale. D#AVANTGARDE will sponsor emerging artists and exhibit them digitally in Vienna. Artists can apply soon - the community will then collectively decide who will be receiving the art-sponsorship. 


The future

D#AVANTGARDE an art community has the deep wish to get art back into peoples lives. Especially, when the media is full of politics, sports, crisis, easy entertainment, and advertisement we need art to get everybody re-inspired again. 

Further, the world is spinning as fast as never before - technology is turning everything upside down. And we are all lost in this fomo game nobody has the time to play. The main intention that accompanies the wish for art is the urgency to inform, educate and transmit new technology to the people around - especially those who don't know how to find the entrance. 

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