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D#AVANTGARDE was started by Stephanie Meisl, Scharmien Zandi and Sarah Scherer in 2021.
The Austrian artists work, live and collaborate together in Vienna. Their work reach from Music, Opera, Theater, Film, Performances, Talks, Artificial Intelligence Art, and together they explore new technologies like NFTs.

Their common goal is to support emerging artists and to bring art knowledge to everyone else.


Stephanie Meisl

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Stephanie Meisl has been working with visual media since 1998. She started her art career as a live visual performance artist. The transformation from analog to digital has been her constant companion. The constant disruption of society, which is mainly triggered by the media is reflected in her works. In 2021 she received  the Media Artist Award in Salzburg.

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Scharmien Zandi

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As an multidiscipline artist, musician and performing artist, she incorporates a large number of techniques and methods to create contemporary stage works, shows, installations and performances. Her work includes composition, conducting, directing, dramaturgy, singing, drama, literature and exhibitions in national and international space.


Sarah Scherer

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Sarah Scherer works as a director, actress and video artist  for opera, theatre and film - constantly evolving between lights and shadows. During her artistic career, she stood both in front of and behind the stage and camera for several international productions and works as professional speaker. Translating a genre as humane as art - by people for people - into the digital space, giving it a humanoid shape is one of her many interests.

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