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New Technology, Art & Creativity

D#AVANTGARDE connects artists and creatives in the new technological field – those who want to know more and be connected to each other. Together, we build a bridge between new technology, art and creativity.

The members of our community are called D#AVANTGARDISTS.
The D stands for digital – the # for finding.


We see the arts as an important way to explore and create use cases that facilitate the transition of new technologies into the creative industries and critically accompany societal change. By experimenting with innovative tools and techniques, D#AVANTGARDE not only expands the limits of their own creative expression, but also showcases the practical applications and potential impact of these technologies on a larger scale.

Pushing Boundaries

Moreover, the arts have an important role to play in stimulating meaningful conversations and raising critical questions about the ethical, social and cultural implications of emerging technologies. By engaging with these issues through creative practice, we can encourage public discourse and help shape the responsible and inclusive development of these technologies. 

Inspiring Change

As our community works together to explore new possibilities and the challenges that arise, we aim to ensure that the integration of technology into creative industries and society at large is accompanied by a commitment to human values, diversity and the common good. In this way, the arts serve not only as a catalyst for technological progress, but also as a compass to guide its course towards a more just and sustainable future.

The Art of Responsibility

Through our work and projects, we inspire and inform other fields such as design, media and entertainment, schools, politics, society, and many more, demonstrating how the integration of the latest technologies can change the way we communicate, create and experience the world around us. Once these technologies are adopted by the creative industries, they inevitably spread to other parts of society, influencing the way we live, work and interact with each other.

For a Better Future

Who We Are

Founding Members:

Stephanie Meisl, Scharmien Zandi and Sarah Scherer.

Team Art, Consulting & Community:

Andreas Fraunberger, Stephanie Meisl and David Fisslthaler.

Founders & the Team

Artists and Collaborators:

Stephanie Meisl, Scharmien Zandi, Sarah Scherer, David Fisslthaler, Andreas Fraunberger, Philipp Lammer, Stefan Huber, Elias Hartmann, Carola Schmidt, Martin Gasser, Rüdiger Wassibauer, David Kulenkampff, Georg Lindner-Turecka and Rina Juniku.


Art and Technology's Collaborative Journey

In the ongoing collaboration between art and technology, the role of the artist in shaping and directing the transforming technological field are becoming increasingly important. For centuries, art has served as a powerful means of communicating and interpreting the many facets of the human expression. It has also played a central role in embracing and promoting new technologies before they are widely adopted. This interaction explores the history of the relationship between art, technology and society, and shows how artists today are embracing new technologies, particularly artificial intelligence, as a collaborative force in the creative process before they become a general reality.

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