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Sarah Scherer

Co-Founder D#AVANTGARDE – new technology, art and creativity

As a director for opera and theatre, Sarah has worked with several renowned institutions such as the Bayerische Staatsoper in Munich, Theater an der Wien, various international festivals and independent theaters. Her work as a video artist (in collaboration with s.myselle) has been featured at prestigious events such as the Salzburger Festspiele, Händel Festspiele Halle,
Freies Theater Bozen, and Podium Esslingen.Throughout her artistic career, Sarah has gained experience both in front of and behind the camera and stage. She has worked on numerous short and feature films, theatre productions, and directed and wrote short films, music videos which have received awards at international festivals. She also works as a professional speaker. Currently, she is also working as a curator for the Johann Strauss Festival 2025, on behalf of the city of Vienna.Constantly evolving between lights and shadows.

Sarah Scherer
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