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Transforming Ideas and Creative Processes through Art Projects, Workshops and Consulting.

We offer our expertise and services to help you make the most of AI in your organisation, designing solutions to match your specific needs and goals.

Our team of experienced professionals provide strategic guidance and hands-on support to smoothly integrate AI into your workflow to improve efficiency, innovation and growth. Whether you're looking for AI consulting, customised workshops or inspiring keynotes, we're here to deliver the knowledge and tools you will need to grow in the age of AI. 

Human & AI

On human-machine collaboration

We envision a future where AI serves as a powerful amplifier of human creativity. We believe that AI is a creative collaborator, enhancing and extending our capabilities rather than replacing them. Together, we can achieve results that exceed the limits of what either humans or machines can achieve alone.

When you work with us, you don't just get another  tool-kit, you get a partnership that gives you the knowledge and expertise you need to navigate the world of AI with confidence. We understand the unique needs of creative professionals because we speak their language. Our team brings together a diverse range of expertise across media, arts, humanities and technology, which sets us apart from purely technology-driven AI solutions.

We recognize that AI aims to speak the language of humans, and that is where our expertise lies. We are able to bridge the gap between the technical aspects of AI and the detailed understanding of human communication and expression. 

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Workshops and

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Our workshops provide a comprehensive understanding of AI concepts and practical applications, enabling you to  apply AI in your unique context through hands-on experience and real-world use cases.


Keynotes and

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Our AI keynotes and talks share a unique and authentic perspective, inspiring minds through authentic stories and inspiring insights to explore the impressive possibilities of AI.


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Our AI consulting services focus on the seamless automation and integration of AI into your workflows, creating a productive working culture where creativity is boosted and efficiency is improved.


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Through art projects that inspire, provoke and guide, we are using the power of art as early adopter of new technologies to challenge boundaries and provide valuable insights.

Who We Work With

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