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By Scharmien Zandi, Sarah Scherer and s.myselle, 2020 to 2023.

A cross-over between music, literature, machine learning and theater.

Amour Fou is an award winning Avantgarde-Chanson-Show between music, literature, artificial intelligence and theater. Through the electrifying sound univers of chanson, oriental and experimental with spoken words in a variety of languages, Scharmien Zandi explores different dimensions of social issues: in the space between new feminism and patriarchal structures of sexism is where we find our nuances of freedom and individualism in AMOUR FOU, the crazy love.

I want to lick over your face,

sleep with your best friend,

caress your amygdalla,

sew a dress out of your beard,

drink you, love you, strangle you.

A curious look into the secrets of strangers! Moments of boisterous lust, raging jealousy, excessive love, grueling doubt, dramatic world pain, energetic rage or dull loneliness.

The award-winning show AMOUR FOU by Scharmien Zandi (Austrian Music Theater Award 2020), meets with texts by anonymous authors, performed by Sarah Scherer and AI – generated visuals by s.myselle.

AMOUR FOU won the Austrian Musictheater Award 2020

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