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Updated: Jul 2

By s.myselle, 2020-2024.

"On my creative journey I find myself at the interface between past and present, between reality and surreality, at a place where the spirit of Egon Schiele and the essence of modern man meet. My latest series, which connects Schiele's ghostly traces with today's world, is an expression of this convergence."

Each work is a tribute to the eternal resonance of Schiele's genius, transformed through the prism of artificial intelligence and mirrored on the stage of contemporary life. These works are neither mere reproductions or reinterpretations of Schiele's style, nor simple depictions of modern individuals. Rather, they are a novel symbiosis, a testament to the transformative power of art and technology.

The fusion of real photographs with algorithmically generated artworks creates a new artistic language. A language that, like life itself, is characterised by deviations and surprises, harmonies and dissonances. Each image straddles the line between reality and imagination, capturing something deeply human that is nevertheless elusive.

This series is a dialogue – an exchange between Schiele, myself and the viewer. It is an invitation to all to participate in the process of creation, a challenge to all of us to rethink the boundaries of art and identity, to find the beauty in imperfection and to experience art in a more personal and profound way. Each artwork is an invitation to participate in this dialogue, an invitation to continue the never-ending journey of artistic discovery.


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