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Updated: Jun 4

The opera performance DIONE as Silent.Opera By Scharmien Zandi & s.myselle, 2021.

The two artists Scharmien Zandi and s.myselle collaborate for the Silent.Opera. An AI-based opera through images and the composition of the opera performance DIONE.

DIONE, (un)known from Greek mythology, seems to have been originally the female counterpart of Zeus, as her name suggests: Dios - god, Dione - goddess.

DIONE, Zeus' sister and wife, who appears on the chronological table before Hera, sees her position as equal to that of Zeus. Jealousy still runs rampant and turns events between heaven and earth upside down. Zeus, blinded by his double standards, hates the people who live on Gaia, and Hera has no idea of the task she has been given. A story about sensuality and its counterpart, poisonous jealousy.

Silent.Opera is a video loop without music. S.Myselle used the text of Scharmien Zandi from the opera performance to generate the images.

In the Republic of Užupis, Lithuania, the Minister of Culture and Innovation Gleb Divov will present Silent.Opera as the opening highlight of No Music Day 2021, and in Vienna the work was shown at the C'QUENCE Office (7th, Burggasse 106).

Digital premiere was on 21 November 2021 at 10am.

powered by D#AVANTGARDE, supported by The Penkiln Burn, iAKW and the Republic of Užupis.


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