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Lulu Schmidt

Academic artist

Carola Schmidt is an academic artist who is a master student of Rebecca Horn. Carola's artistic journey has been focused on the topic of transformation and identity, and the transitions from emotional object to emotional state. Her work is exploring the boundaries of self, identity, and technology in art, always investigating the boundaries between the roles of the artist and the viewer.
With her alter ego Lulu Schmidt, she has taken this exploration to new heights, seamlessly moving between fashion, dance, film, fine art, and music. On stage, Lulu Schmidt explores the rites of energy canalization. Channeling the longing for the almost religious moment of surrendering to one's own divinity by connecting to something bigger than ourself to overcome the increasing self-alienation in society. There's a playfulness and irony at work, and a nod to the religious ecstasy that can be achieved through artistic creation.

Lulu Schmidt
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