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The Generative AI Bootcamp!

Gain a competitive lead by mastering AI-driven content creation and automation.

Imagine a work environment where the daily routine is transformed into a state of flow.

What if AI tools could streamline tedious tasks, spark new ideas and get your team moving towards their goals faster? Join D#AVANTGARDE and discover why GenAI is more than just a new technology – it's about creating a workplace where purpose and productivity go hand in hand.

Workshop Highlights

  • Gain the AI advantage: Explore cutting-edge tools such as ChatGPT, Google Gemini, Midjourney and RunwayML – and demystify the functional side of generative content and automation.

  • AI as a creative co-pilot: Discover modern methods such as fast learning and co-creation for individual results that reflect your team's unique style and energy.

  • Strategic insights: Understand how to select and adapt AI solutions to your creative workflow and long-term goals to gain maximum impact and avoid common mistakes.

  • The D#AVANTGARDE lead: benefit from the expertise of our interdisciplinary team - a dynamic mix of technological expertise and a deep understanding of the human side.

  • Beyond theory, making a difference: Explore our customized training options for smooth AI integration – building a workplace where the power of AI brings not just efficiency, but greater energy, purpose and joy to creative work.

Discover how AI can improve your creative output and optimise your workflow. In this immersive workshop, D#AVANTGARDE's team of experts will guide you through strategies for using AI to extend your creative vision. Learn how to use the latest tools to produce high-quality content with incredible efficiency. Whether you're a marketer, artist or innovator, this workshop will equip you with the knowledge and skills to stay ahead in the rapidly evolving world of AI.


Learn how D#AVANTGARDE's innovative "Personal Energy Based Computing" methodology by Andreas Fraunberger can transform your team's creative workflow and deliver sustainable success. In this workshop, our team of experts will take you through the process of integrating AI with your team's values and motivations to create a more fulfilling work environment that increases creativity, innovation and productivity. Ideal for decision makers who want to use AI to drive growth and innovation, while creating a more meaningful and engaging workplace.

"Personal Energy Based Computing" Workshop / Keynote

In this interactive workshop you will learn how to use Midjourney to create stunning generated images – one of the most powerful AI platforms for visual idea creation. You will learn and experience:

  • How does Midjourney work and what are its core capabilities?

  • How do I write the perfect text prompt to get what I want?

  • What techniques and tricks are there to optimize the results?

  • How can I use the images for my projects?

  • What about the legal and ethical aspects?

  • Work hands-on with Midjourney and create your own creative masterpieces step by step. 

  • What other image generation tools are out there and how do they differ? 

The workshop is aimed at creative professionals, artists, designers and technology enthusiasts who want to discover new ways of creating digital images.

Generative AI – Creating Images with Midjourney

In this workshop we will explore the possibilities and limitations of Generative AI in video creation. With hands-on exercises and experiments you will learn:

  • The basics of Generative AI and its potential applications in video production.

  • The different AI tools used for video

  • The use cases for Generative AI in creating e.g. explainer videos, product presentations or music videos

  • What legal and ethical issues need to be considered?

The workshop is aimed at video creators, graphic designers, marketing and creative professionals who are looking for innovative technologies to take their video work to the next level.

Generative AI for innovative video creation

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