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Avatars. D#AVANTGARDE GenAI Meetup #9

Updated: Jun 7

Read more about the Event on Meetup and RSVP using this Link.

We are proud to announce our new New Location and Partner:

University of Applied Sciences Vienna.

Join us for an immersive D#Avantgarde community meetup exploring the captivating domain of Avatars! Together, we'll traverse the evolution of these digital alter egos across gaming, social media, and virtual worlds.

Discover how cutting-edge AI is revolutionizing the avatar experience, opening up thrilling new avenues for creative expression and storytelling. We'll discuss the ethical considerations surrounding avatar creation and use, ensuring we build inclusive, conscience-driven digital spaces.

Expect a dynamic mix of expert speakers and thought-provoking discussions that will ignite your imagination and equip you with fresh perspectives on leveraging avatars to amplify your voice.

This is your chance to connect with a vibrant community of boundary-pushers from across the creative industries. Let's unlock the power of avatars to shape a more expressive, connected world!

🗓️ Save the Date: 27. 6. 24📍 Location: FH des BFI Wien,MQM ML 11, Maria Jacobigasse 1 Bauteil 3.4, A-1030 Wien

Doors Open: 19:00

Start: 19:30

Speakers & Guests


Austrias No1 AI Influencer will tell us the background story of her life as a multi-dimensional avatar.

Kai Erenli

The Legal Classification of an AvatarIn today's digital age, avatars and virtual personas (created through AI) are becoming integral to online interactions, presenting unique legal challenges. This talk will examine how (AI-generated) avatars influence the formation and recognition of virtual legal identities, considering privacy, authenticity, and accountability.

Kai is the study director of the Bachelor Program “Interactive Media & Games Business”. He also serves as “General Counsel” to a Vienna based Animation Studio.

Manuela Klauser

Manuela will guide us into how she facilitates AI in building her 150K+ Social Media Influencer Domain around and gives us insights into the development of her latest character series.

Manuela is founder of creative agency Voller Ideen, co founder of the D#Avantgarde Community and digital artist. Manuela specializes in innovation consulting and AI workshops. As the artist behind, she creates dark, gothic and surreal AI-generatedartworks.

Konrad Gill

Founder and CEO of internationally operating XR Company VIARSYS. He is very well versed in the field of avatars and virtual communities and will share some of his superpowers with us.

Parallel Dimensions

We will also have a parallel event in the metaverse!People from all over the planet will follow the Avatar story and live Visitors in Vienna will be able to participate from VR Stations that will be set up ;)

Think Tank

We will also run a Think Tank session, where you will be enabled to learn, connect and go beyond your usual borders.

Hosted by

Stephanie Meisl (media artist, co- founder @D#A)

Andreas Fraunberger (Producer, co-founder @D#A)

Konrad Gill (XR Specialist, Viarsys)

Fachhochschule des BFI Wien

Register now to secure your spot! 👉 RSVP using this Link.

Connect with a diverse community of thinkers and innovators, and gain insights from the evolving digital landscape.

Let's breathe life into the future of avatars, together. 🌟Join in for the experience and the fun!

Live Stream via LinkedIn Live, TBA.

So come for AI&XR, stay for the fun, bring your friends, and let’s expand our world together!

Steph, Andreas and the D#AVANTGARDE team.

Looking Forward A LOT!

Do you join our WhatsApp Group already? Things are getting really interesting there, with hot tool tips, continuous community support and much more: D#AVANTGARDE Social Hubs on our Linktree.


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