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Expanded World: D#A meets XR Vienna #8 11.04.2024 (Vienna & Online)

There’s no denying the symbiosis that XR and AI are and will benefit from each other, and we need to not only prepare for this but joint forces with more people. Our family is growing, and this is the first step towards building our extended family!

Join us at "Expanded World," our first-ever joint event hosted together with XRVienna at VIDEO STUDIO Wien.

In this get-together, we will build a bridge between the worlds of XR and AI. This event aims to offer a platform for dialog between innovators, professionals, researchers, and enthusiasts from the XR and generative AI creative industries. We will explore together what the fusion of these technologies means for the future of creativity, productivity, and society as a whole, engage in strategic discussions, try out experiences, and start the first step in building the foundation for new quality standards in digital content creation from a creative, technological, and ethical perspective.


Our Speakers:

Streaming in from Italy: Andrea Balisteri COO of, an international platform, that is committed to propelling the AI & XR industry forward by providing a robust platform for networking, learning, and growth.

Streaming in from Mexico: Ezequiel Lenardon Creative & Executive Producer

The AZULIK Group, Mexico

Roth Productions, Roth Architecture, SFER IK Museion

Designing Real World Buildings with Virtual World Tools

Live Speaker: Gerda Leopold Director, Producer of cinematic Virtual Reality projects that are powered by AI @ Amilux Film

We will run our Think Tank together, where each of our guests will be able to reach new levels in expanded world thinking, gaining knowhow in AI, XR, Creativity, Process Design and Sales.

The event will also be covered with an advanced live stream (4 camera studio setup)


19:00 Doors Open 19:30 Welcome Keynote Speakers 20:20 Think Tank 21:00 Networking

So bring your friends, dig deep and stay for the fun.

The event will also be covered with an advanced live stream (4-camera studio setup).

We will conclude with a dedicated party with an open end!

Entrance Fee: € 15,- (to cover the location cost) Payment at the door.

So come for AI&XR, stay for the fun, bring your friends, and let’s expand our world together!

Gabs, Axel, Flavia, Manuel, Andreas & Steph

Your XRVienna and D#A team

PS: The Event will be hosted at and by Videostudio Wien, our amazing partners, who enable us to pull off a full fledged online show together with the audience.

Looking Forward A LOT!

The detailed description of how to find the studio here:

Connect to XR Vienna here: Meetup / Linkedin / IG

D#Avangarde Social Hubs on our Linktree


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