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How real is the digital reality? D#A Live Audio Session 26.02.2024 (Online)

AI Avatars, Chatbots, Deep Fakes and Digital Humanism. How real is the digital reality?

In our new format „D#A LIVE AUDIO SESSIONS“ we invite international experts to explore the intersection of technology and humanity in the new AI generated reality.

What defines beauty?

Why are there wet-t-shirt contests AI models everywhere?

How will we able to distinguish between fake and real?

What is real?

We are looking forward to engage in a thought-provoking discussion about the ethical considerations of digital twins and the implications of digital humanism. Connect with a diverse community of thinkers and innovators, and gain insights from the evolving digital landscape.

Register now to be part of a very important conversation that might help shaping the future of AI and humanity.

Speakers & Guests (Panel)

Lulu Schmidt (AI Artist, Musician)

Bernd Gutmansbauer (Tech Philosopher)

Michael Hackl (AI Technologist, Artist)

Patrick Schabus (Artist, Director)

Betina Kitzler (Marketing Strategist)

Hosted by

Stephanie Meisl (AI Artist)

Andreas Fraunberger (Producer, Philosopher)

This will be a LinkedIn Audio Event. Enter the meeting here.

We will run a chat online, where our audience will be able to interact.

Join in for the experience and the fun!

Steph and Andreas

Our next session, end of Mach, will be on stage + live stream again. Date TBA soon!

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