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ChatGPT Gone Wild

By Lulu Schmidt, 2023.

"ChatGPT Gone Wild": Immerse yourself in the funniest, most absurd, and insane bilingual (English & German) performative reading of dialogues from ChatGPT and Bing's early testing days. Directed by Carola Schmidt aka Lulu Schmidt , produced by D#AVANTGARDE, this 55-minute play explores the captivating world of chatbots, artificial intelligence, and their limitations.

Join our four protagonists – Lulu Schmidt (presenter and live director), Scharmien Zandi (a desperate nerd pushing AI boundaries), Rina Juniku (the chatbot), and Stephanie Meisl (the voice of ethical awareness and social conscience)—as they unveil AI's potential and provoke thoughts on chatbot sentience, consciousness, and self-awareness.

Drawing from selected chat dialogues shared by nerds worldwide, the play blends humor and thought-provoking themes, sparking discussions on AI technology's potential and limitations. Don't miss this engaging bilingual adventure, guaranteed to make you laugh, think, and question the nature of reality itself.

For newcomers, ChatGPT and Bing were among the first major language models developed by OpenAI. Their early testing yielded bizarre digressions and hilarious dialogues that raised questions about chatbot sentience and consciousness. These unforgettable moments inspired a deeper exploration into the enthralling world of chatbots and AI.

"ChatGPT Gone Wild" is a moderated staged reading that delves into the parody and satire surrounding artificial intelligence and chatbots. The play spotlights chatbot-user interactions, featuring the best moments from the early days as curated by enthusiasts worldwide. Be ready to laugh, think, and ponder the profound implications of this unique AI journey, diving into the realm of sentience and consciousness in artificial intelligence.

Written by GPT-4.

D#AVANTGARDE: Produktion

  • Carola Schmidt: Idee, Regie, Konzept, Performance

  • Stephanie Meisl: Produktion, Konzept, Ki-Knowledge, Performance

  • Rina Juniku, Scharmien Zandi: Performance / Schauspiel

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