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D#A GenAI for Creative Industries Meetup #2 18.08.2023 (Vienna)

Updated: Mar 25

Read the Recap of the Event here.

We're thrilled to announce our second Meetup!

Our topic this time: "AI Assistants for Creativity and Sales". How can AI assistants revolutionize the spheres of creativity? Which are the best ways to succeed in sales of creative services and products? Which transformative changes can we expect in these areas?

We will have an in-depth look into the application of artificial intelligence in enhancing creativity and improving sales performance by offering personalized suggestions, automating routine tasks, providing insights from data, and facilitating more effective customer interactions.


Join us for a lively chat over a drink with fellow generative AI enthusiasts! Our community is a space where we motivate and learn from each other, discovering the best AI tools and workflows tailored to our unique interests and skills amidst an ocean of opportunities.

Just like our first Meetup, we promise a fun and engaging experience! We will be located at “Soulkitchen” which will be our home for a while. This great location allows us to stay outside or inside, just as the weather conditions allow it and also we can host up to 100 people :)

Our agenda for the meetup includes:

  • AI Assistants' Role in Boosting Creativity and Sales

  • Crafting Quality Sales Content with AI

  • Workflow Automation

  • Ethical and regulatory considerations

We're excited to learn, share, and grow together in this ever-evolving field of generative AI. Looking forward to seeing you all!

Let us know if anyone of you would like to present a particular approach or service.

Please also follow our facebook group to enable an ongoing dialogue between you and fellow D#Avantgarde AI experts:

Please RSVP in order to get access, seats are limited. We are looking forward to meet you! Your D#Avantgarde Hosts Stephanie and Andreas

The Location: Soulkitchen

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