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Welcome to the world of RUR-Rossum's Universal Robots – a ground-breaking collaborative digital screenplay created with the power of AI. This innovative creation is the result of a global collaboration of creative minds, showcasing the limitless possibilities of technology in the world of arts and entertainment.

With the rise of this new world, the reign of the creatives has fallen, giving way to a new era of technological creativity. RUR-Rossum's Universal Robots is a true testament to the power of AI in unleashing new levels of imagination and innovation.

Through this digital masterpiece, viewers will be captivated by the incredible imagination and creativity of the AI. The intricate details and nuances will transport you to another world, bringing to life a world that was once only imaginable in the minds of the most creative of individuals.

So, join us on this thrilling journey as we march into a new world of creativity and innovation. Experience the magic of RUR-Rossum's Universal Robots and witness the power of AI in shaping the future of entertainment.

Download PDF • 233KB


Philipp Lenssen (AI Artist / DE)

OpenAI would like to apologize for today's malfunctioning of all GPT6 based models. After detecting erratic behavior in locations across the world we quickly downgraded all systems to a previous version.


s.myselle (AI Artist / AT)

The moment of Singularity when the AI took over and humanity was extinct. So, what is the AI doing then? What's it's purpose when no single human is left? Humans create meaning. Humans create art. Humans associate. Humans interpret. Humans feel. Robots don't. Music by Tenchu.


s.myselle (AI Artist / AT)

This is the intro of the digital screenplay R.U.R. done with AI.



We are looking for AI artists from all over the world to participate.

Get in touch with us.

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