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Bridging Art and Technology for a Creative Future.

D#AVANTGARDE unites visionary artists, creatives and innovators passionate about the latest AI technologies to push creative boundaries and pioneer new forms of digital expression. Our dynamic platform brings together diverse minds, from artists and creative decision-makers to tech-savvy professionals, to collaboratively build essential bridges between art, creativity and emerging technologies – driving innovation and redefining what is possible in the creative landscape.

Recent Developments at D#AVANTGARDE

Collaborate or Work with Us

Our workshops are designed to give you a comprehensive understanding of AI concepts, methodologies and practical applications.

D#A genAI Meetups

Our D#A meetups at the Video Studio Wien, bring together visionary minds to define the boundaries of creative production. Our events feature internationally respected speakers who present groundbreaking ideas and inspire exciting discussions that move beyond boundaries. Through intensive think-tank sessions, our community explore the challenges and opportunities of AI and creativity, creating an environment where diverse perspectives come together to develop innovative solutions. Whether you're a creative professional, tech enthusiast, or business leader, our meetups provide a dynamic platform to explore the future of creativity, make valuable connections, and use AI to expand the creative vision.